Jeff DeMarco

Author Jeff DeMarco owns a writing and editing business that specializes in industrial technical writing. A former US Army Field Artillery officer and veteran, Jeff’s immersion in the profession of arms and a lifelong passion for science fiction lend the characters in this richly layered apocalyptic military sci-fi unparalleled authenticity. A family man, Jeff lives out in the forest in the thumb of Michigan with his wife and three kids. Into Armageddon is Jeff’s debut novel. For updates on upcoming novels and projects, stop by

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Books by Jeff DeMarco


Into Armageddon

Genre: Post-Apocolyptic

Book One: Ruler of Ashes


Overnight the world changed after a viral outbreak manufactured by a mysterious cabal called The Order. Humans turned animalistic apex predators roam freely killing everything they encounter. Now, the hope for humanity rests in the hands of a child.


Born of Chaos

Genre: Post-Apocolptic

Book Two: Ruler of Ashes

The Crimson Sky virus has ravaged the earth. An ancient evil has emerged, technologically advanced, otherworldly, and deadly. Alliances shift as Erica’s saga continues to save humanity.