D. Krauss

D. Krauss resides in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. He has been a cottonpicker, a sodbuster, a librarian, a surgical orderly, the guy who paints the little white line down the middle of the road, a weatherman, a door-kickin' shove-gun-in-face lawman, a hunter of terrorists, and a school bus driver. Currently, he's a layabout. He's been married over 45 years (yep, same woman), and has a wildman bass guitarist for a son.

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Frank Vaughn,

Killed by His Mom


Genre: Narrative Fiction | Suspense

Book One: The Frank Vaughn Series

In 1965, a ten-year-old takes an unwilling odyssey across a changing South in the company of his bipolar, violent Dad.



COMING 09/08/2021

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic

Book One: The Partholon Series

A devastating biological attack turns the northeast into a quarantined ruin, where former policeman John Rashkil struggles in an increasingly futile effort to restore civilization.


Southern Gothic


Genre: Narrative Fiction | Suspense

Book Two: The Frank Vaughn Series

A man haunted by his past travels to the swamps of Alabama to help his brother restore their childhood home, awakening things better left asleep.



COMING 09/15/2021

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic

Book Two: The Partholon Series

Years after a biological attack devastates America, remnants of the US Army make a last stand against an overwhelming enemy.


Looking for Don


Genre: Narrative Fiction | Suspense

Book Three: The Frank Vaughn Series

Just back from basic training, Butch launches a wildly surreal and rather desperate search throughout south Jersey for his pal, Don… before a murderous drug dealer finds him first.



COMING 09/22/2021

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic

Book Three: The Partholon Series

Twenty years after the Ghosts’ last stand, Collier Rashkil faces an old, relentless foe threatening to reignite and finish what’s left of the country in this final book of the trilogy.