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Christopher Curtis

Christopher Curtis is an ex-gang member who was given a sentence of 28 to life in California under the three strikes law. During his time in prison, he changed his life. Christopher earned an AA degree in social sciences, a Vocation in Electrical, and completed several self-help courses. With changes in California law, Curtis was released for good behavior through the Board of Prison Terms.


Christopher wrote a non-fiction memoir about growing up on the streets, showing his experiences of what transpired through that time, including drugs, gangs, and violence, eventually leading to prison with a life sentence. He wants to get his story out to help the next person not make the same mistakes. The book starts in his childhood and shows the basis for his behavior as an adolescent and adult. It continues to present the ultimate destruction of his life and other people’s lives. Today Christopher is a functioning, employed, and contributing citizen of his community.

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