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And I Thought Ladies

Jade is the 2019 Poet of the year, and Wilnona is Advocate Awarded. The Ladies are known for their quick wit, ability to laugh at themselves, and being pop poets. The duo has contributed writings to eleven books or what they call" literary life guides w/ pop poetry": The And I Thought Series & The Miss-Fit Guides. Jade and Wilnona are the Co-Founders of The Inspirational Women in Literature Media and Journalism Awards, The Thoughtful Book Festival, the 25 Hottest Authors Magazine & And I Thought Literary Magazine. They have several podcasts including The Ladies Tales podcast is their most inventive podcast to date. They co-hosted conferences on three continents. They have read poetry for loving fans in Australia, the U.K., Greece, and Canada, by invitation for a regional poet laureate, & at the U.K. literary book festival.

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