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Indies United is please to welcome new authors and their books to our publishing house family.

Lee Bruno ~ Pensacola Reset

Keith Bingham ~ Michael's Ivy

Kristen Lester ~ Locked Within

Carol Ann Townend ~ Carrie in Love

Nathan Bush ~ The Foley Chronicles

Colin Evans ~ The Entelligent Idiot

Scott Meehan ~ 21st Century Pulps

Ralph Rotten ~ Ming the Merciless

Lee Bruno ~ The Long Way Home

Timothy Baldwin ~ Camp Lenape

Germs of War


Germs of War

Release Date: October 16, 2019


Let loose the germs of war!


Imagine a world where suicide bombers can pass through the world’s tightest airport security undetected, and deliver their payload to any nation on the planet. Now imagine that ISIS has the technology...


Tracy is a busy medical student, trying to make her way through an academic jungle when she stumbles upon a plot to use covert agents to carry out a biological attack on the US. Battling inept scientists, crooked politicians, and rogue CIA agents, she quickly finds herself thrust into a nightmare scenario in a race to stop the FineDierum* bacteria from destroying all of western civilization. 

*Latin for End of Days


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Indies United is a Year Old
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To share our celebration with you, we here at IUPH came together and created a fun free magazine for your reading enjoyment full of short stories, articles, and more...
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IUPH has created our own magazine where you can find all our books, information about our authors, and learn about upcoming books. Our magazine is free so please feel free to share it on your social media.

Indies United Book Block Party

 To our readers, we are adding new authors and their books as we speak. I hope you will come back often to visit and find new books for your collection.



If you are an Indie author and are interested in joining our merry band of Indies, please go to the FAQ page and download the information packet at the bottom of the page.


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