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Aaron Gallagher ~ Blue Sail

Michael Deeze ~ Holistic Heretic

Sosha Ruark - Song for the Dead

Aaron Gallagher ~ So Much Fire...

Keith Bingham ~ Michael's Ivy

Carol Ann Townend ~ Carrie in Love

Shadee Giurgius ~ When I Grow Up...

J. Darris Mitchell ~ A Crown of Cobwebs

Nicholas Nissen ~ The Pre Med Playbook

Laura DiNovis Berry ~ Egg-Shaped Ball

JB Murray ~ The Wanders

Richard Jacobs ~ Democracy of Dollars

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Look for them in 2020


Release Date: February 19th

YA Urban Fantasy


Fae, Folly, and Fugitives


After everything Trish has done to get to Sanctuary, nothing on earth could get her to leave.

But when Trish’s ex shows up with news that Starren’s life is in danger, her conscience refuses to let her sit idly by, even though that means abandoning her family, security, and everything she’s worked so hard to earn. Luckily, those who love her won’t let her go alone.



Talk to an Author

Indies United is pleased to announce our new pilot program for schools, book clubs, libraries, and other lit organizations. If you purchase 10 or more books directly from the author with a blue star next to their name, you can arrange for a personal Q&A with the author by Skype for your group by filling out the submission form at the bottom of their author page.

Library Outreach Program

In recent years many publishing houses have begun to place limits on the sale of eBooks to libraries. We at Indies United do not agree with this stance and understand the important roll libraries play in their communities and their need to offer books to their patrons in a variety of formats. To help combat this growing trend, we will be offering free ebooks by select authors to public libraries. For more information about this program, please use the contact form below to contact us. When contacting us, please include the name of your library, your title, and location.

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 To our readers, we are adding new authors and their books as we speak. I hope you will come back often to visit and find new books for your collection.



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