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01/17 A Shot at Mercy by Timothy R. Baldwin

01/27 The Crone by JM Smith

01/30 Silence in Heaven by Scott Meehan

02/03 The Stash by Benjamin Bradley

02/10 The Kingdom of Jior box set by Wendy L. Anderson

02/17 BloodMoon by Blaise Ramsay

02/20 H2LiftShip: Gigging the Void by Bob Freeman

02/24 Ulrik by Wendy L. Anderson

03/03 Punkhorns by Benjamin Bradley

03/10 The Woman in Darkness  by Christopher Stanfield

03/13 Heirs of Jior by Wendy L. Anderson​

03/17 VoP: From the Ashes by Andy Raiford

03/24 H2LiftShip: Beyond Luna by Bob Freeman

03/31 Privilege by Bharat Krishnan

04/07 The Missing Witness by Ellen Shapiro

04/14 Midnight Black by RJ Emery

04/21 Our Better Selves by Kasey Rogers

04/28 H2LiftShip Vol 4 by Bob Freeman

05/05 Democracy for Dollars by Richard Jacobs

06/23 H2LiftShip – 4 book anthologyby Bob Freeman

06/30 The Woman in Darkness by Christopher Stanfield

07/14 Blood On the Air  by Blaise Ramsay


Carol Ann Townend ~ Carrie in Love

Shadee Giurgius ~ When I Grow Up...

Scott Meehan ~ Love in the House of War

JM Smith ~ The Crone II

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Look for them in 2021

Football Superstar

Release Date: January 12, 2021

Genre: Narrative Fiction


You never know how your life is going to turn out...

Especially when the odds are already against you.

Inspired by true events.


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