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Indies United is please to welcome new authors and their books to our publishing house family.


01/19 Nobody’s Road by Vera Jane Cook

01/26 Rising Pressure by Leslie Piggott

02/16 Set Up by Ana Manwaring

012/23 Anjali the Brave by Adjoa Smalls-Mantey

           & Maria Abraham

03/30 The Ship to Look for God by D. Krauss

04/06 The Ship Looking for God by D. Krauss

04/13 The Ship Finding God by D. Krauss

05/18 The Hydra Effect by Ana Manwaring

06/01 Death at Dusbar College by Laura DiNovis Berry

06/15 Hot House by Lisa Towles

08/18 Nothing Comes After Z by Ana Manwaring

10/12 The Bloody Rose by Christopher Stanfield

10/19 Whispers by the Sea by Hunter Wayland

11/02 Gypso DeKaimo by Paul Centeno

11/16 Coyote by Ana Manwaring

12/07 – Skingrafters by Bharat Krishnan

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Look for them in 2022

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Millennial Girl

Release Date: January 5, 2022

Genre: Dystopian

In the near future, the US government is on the leading edge of robotic technology with their first prototype warrior, Asha Hawkins. Sent into the field, she soon discovers there is a dark side to her mission.

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