COMING 07/20/2022
Whispers From the Sea

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Author: Hunter Wayland

Genre: Supernatural Horror

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A spine-tingling tale of a restless evil

hell-bent on revenge

Haunted and desperate to escape a past laced with uncertainty, Oliver Winters fled from the fishing village of Whispering Hamlet.


When a strange phone call from a childhood friend calls Oliver back to his childhood home, Oliver quickly refuses. But, it doesn’t take long for Oliver to realize he may have no choice, something sinister is afoot in the Hamlet. Dolphins and fish are beaching themselves en mass, the marine life that sustained the town has fled, and birds and other wildlife have vacated the nearby woods.


Now that he’s returned home, Oliver wants nothing more than to find the box left for him by his friend’s father and leave. But Oliver will soon learn that demons are not so easily buried beneath the sea’s dark waves.


There is something lurking in the depths.

Ever hungry.

Always watching.