Wes Yeager

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My Name is Wes Yeager and I am the Operations Manager at Voice-X Audio Productions. I began as a professional radio announcer in 1974. Since then, I have had experience producing spot announcements, news reporting, voice-overs and book narration. I have also written professionally for several newspapers and published my own novel with another about to be released. I believe that the combined experience as a professional writer, narrator and voice actor can give me a better insight in providing quality narration for your project.


Voice-X Audio Productions provides audio voice production which often includes music background tracks. We create audio books and narration of all kinds. Our work is professional and our rates competitive. We offer a free dry read (sample) of any given project in order that you may determine if our services are appropriate for your project. We deliver the finished product on an mp3 file and accept payment via Pay/Pal. Of course our rates are determined based on the length of the project, but as I said before our rates are competitive and reduced for Indies United Publishers authors. Please respond to wes_yeager@yahoo.com for a free sample and price quote or if you have any further questions. We would be happy to schedule a telephone conference in regard to our services

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