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The Veiled Earth
A Three Book Collection


Author: Eirynne Gallagher

Pen Name: Aaron S Gallagher

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Page Count: 754

Word Count: 350,000

Library of Congress Control Number: 2019945371

Paperback: 978-1-64456-046-4
Mobi: 978-1-64456-047-1

ePub: 978-1-64456-048-8

Magic is real and it has returned

Magic is real. Magic exists. Magic once permeated the world, intertwined with humanity. Magicians once controlled the very fabric of their existence. At the height of the magical renaissance everything changes. Hidden away from humanity, magic became the stuff of legends, of myth. Thousands of years have passed since magicians walked the Earth. Now the magic has returned, and no one can explain why.

Valentien Dunne is a magician, gifted with the power to change the world.

But should he?

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