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What is rĀthe?


rĀthe™ is a revolutionary electronic publishing platform designed to package, market, and distribute short stories, novellas, and novels to mobile app users in bite-sized increments called Episodes. Writers publish their content for free and earn an equitable share of the revenue. While enjoying a one-stop-shop to manage their business activities right here from the rĀthe™ website portal. App users explore all content with no strings attached (the first Episode of every Title is free) and pay a micro amount for each additional Episode.


The rĀthe Experience
“Reading, a little at a time.”


rĀthe is a paradigm shift to the traditional way books and short stories are delivered and writers are compensated for their work.

rĀthe™ has taken a different approach to the traditional “genre”. We ask Authors to map the content of their work to a range of emotions/feelings the rĀthe users would potentially be looking to satisfy in their micro-leisure time. At the same time making sure we have a category that would encompass what is traditionally referred to as genre

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