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Paul Centino's Coup de Grâce Receives Honerable Mention Award From 2023 Writer's Digest Awards

Paul Centeno's first novel, Coup de Grâce, was named an Honorable Mention in the Genre Fiction category of the 31st Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. There were 1,543 overall submissions this year. Among the eight categories, only 25 honorable mentions were awarded in all. Paul is beyond happy to have this award. For anyone who likes steampunk or sci-fi/fantasy in general, here is the synopsis:

The world has changed. Gone are the old gods. Nature withers and dies beneath the growing bane of machines and industry. Desperate to prevent their world from dying, citizens turn to science and sprawling cities of steam ruled by the Imperium. Kaimo de Morté has never known another life. He is an optometrist by trade but too poor to open an optical boutique. Forced to work in the mines, Kaimo has no idea how his life is about to change. A chance encounter with insurgents thrusts him into a battle for the very future of mankind. One he is ill prepared to fight. Kaimo uncovers hidden truths, forms alliances stretching to the highest halls of power, and becomes the catalyst for either saving the world or watching it end.

You can find the book here on IUPH, or head here for more!

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