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Myra meets the Future

At Book Selfie we are excited to share one of the new developments that we have added: “Page!”

She is our Book Selfie Ai personality, who will be reviewing books as well as joining us to make comments during our infamous show, “Books On Fire.” Furthermore, we have her scheduled in a few of our author interviews, where she will be interviewing the authors with her tough questions. 😊

Just so that everybody knows, it is also possible to make an appearance with Page in 60-second short videos, such as YouTube Shorts, or TikTok videos… just let me know. Of course, our book promotions are always free, as long as you are selling your book(s) on Book Selfie.

On another note, I was asked why Myra McIlvain’s Waters Plantation was picked to kickstart this project. The reason is, Myra has been supporting Book Selfie with just about everything from the start… uploading her books to Book Selfie, author interviews, uploading her books to TikTok, Books On Fire, and then some… without questioning, having full trust in us.

I would openly like to thank Myra!

And on that note, would like to make a comment that any author who is behind us, we will always go that extra 100 miles for him/her.

To watch Myra's book review by Page, you can find it by clicking here.

Thank you, Gurhan Demirkan Book Selfie

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