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Busy, Busy Book Building

by Bob Freeman

I'm keeping busy writing short stories and finishing up the 4th volume of the H2LiftShip series titled 'BosonsWave^2' e.g. BosonsWave Squared. Sitting at some 53k words on a goal of 60 to 80k.

Short Stories

  • ‘Xburst' 400 words. A little dystopian, but short. Published by

  • ‘Time Jello’ 900 words. Banshees point the way to the Time wall. Published by

The Rule of Unintended Cataquences – 1440 words coming soon at literally stories It has cats. And parasites. And Stocks and Bonds Due in their July publication .Freeman, Bob – literally stories ( Links to these and future stories can be found here: We're still looking for a home for our expanded Time-Short Stories. 'Time Amoeba' has time-slices of irritating replicants, a moving time wall, fading opportunity lights, and a race against the University to be the first to cross and return. Going forward, we're working on a holiday theme involving the Mort Ships collecting the dead from the asteroid colonies. Maybe a winter holiday theme is in the works, without the dead bodies, but who knows?

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