Paul Clifton

Paul Clifton grew up in a small town in southern Oklahoma. But while growing up he developed a love of the mountains and open spaces of the west, even never having been there. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 1976, within a few months he was offered the opportunity to move out west with his job. He spent his entire 31 year business career in the inter-mountain west region. He still resides there today with his wife of 45 years. Their 3 children and numerous grand-children also live in the area.


Over the years while traveling through the inter-mountain states, he often tried to imagine what life might have been like before the area was populated. What was life really like during the early American expansion to the west? And what would the contrast feel like between then and now? That idea along with horseback riding over the years gave rise to the story at hand…Peach Tree Ranch.

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