Not So Common People

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Author: Tom Gamache

Genre: Narrative Fiction

Page Count: 228

Word Count: 54,707

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Life. Love. Music.

Not necessarily in that order.

Nathan Smythe is a young man with a musical addiction, a stressful family, and two roommates who seem to be the only people who understand him. He is the type of guy who thrives on consistency and stability, but lately, at every turn, his stable life—and that of his three siblings—is deteriorating. When tragedy strikes his family, he experiences a depth of emotion he never knew he could access, and along the way, meets someone who could change his trajectory in life forever. Only this is not what he had planned at all. But then again, he never really had a plan. Armed with a playlist to try and bring reason to the newfound chaos in his world, Nathan will do what he has always done–move forward without a clue. It’s worked up to this point, right?