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A Tracey Marks Mystery
Missing or Dead

Author: Ellen Shapiro
Series: Tracey Marks Mystery Series | Book Three

Genre: Private Investigator

Page Count: 300

Word Count: 78,200

Library of Congress Control Number: 2021932000


Hardback 978-1-64456-266-6

Paperback 978-1-64456-267-3

Mobi 978-1-64456-268-0

ePub 978-1-64456-269-7

Could this be Tracey Marks last mystery???

Cynthia Lambert has mysteriously vanished. The police have not found her body and it appears their investigation is going nowhere. Cynthia’s friend, Joanie Gray hires PI Tracey Marks to find out what happened to Cynthia. Joanie is adamant that Cynthia would never leave her family willingly.


As Tracey immerses herself in trying to find out what happened to Cynthia, she quickly learns there are forces working against her, and too many people who want her off the case, including Cynthia’s husband, John Lambert.


Questioning people in Cynthia’s life, Tracey learns that Cynthia and her husband had separated for a while and that he may be mixed up with a mob lawyer at the firm where he works. Before she vanished Cynthia was canceling appointments and distancing herself from friends and family.


With Tracey’s life in danger, is time running out as she races to uncover the truth before it’s too late?

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