Megan Alnico

Megan Alnico is a software engineer, sci-fi author, hobbyist luthier, RP junkie, improv comedy performer and the all-around paradox that is an extroverted nerd. She graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Computer Science and a minor in live action role playing games and storytelling. Well, her minor was actually in Artificial Intelligence but spent significantly more time doing the former.


Megan spent her formative years in Connecticut but has since bounced from state to state on her own personal Oregon trail. She now lives in Portland and can be found enjoying the local comic book shops, computer recyclers, sushi restaurants, and improv comedy clubs.


For information about the Chromaspace Saga, or any of Megan’s books check out: You can follow her on twitter @The_Magnet_Girl or subscribe to her YouTube or Twitch channels for author readings, vlog updates and special announcements.

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Genre: Science Fiction

When Jacob is abandoned on a dead planet to slowly starve to death he must make a deal with an illegal AI to get back to Homeworld and to Helen, the woman he loves.