Looking for Don

Author: D. Krauss

Series: Frank Vaughn Trilogy Book 3

Genre: Narrative Fiction | Suspense

Number of Pages: 

Word Count: 81,200

Library of Congress Control Number: 


 A surreal quest to find the annoyingly elusive Don
takes Butch to places better left alone.

What was Butch thinking? He joined the Air Force to escape New Jersey and now, look, one day out of basic training and he's tooling around south Jersey in his Mom's car searching for his best friend, Don. It's like he never left. And he's still in huge trouble: Pee Sea, the most notorious drug dealer in the state wants his head on a pike; his stepfather wants the car back and Butch gone; and his old girlfriend, April, wants Butch's other body parts pickled and preserved. If Butch could just find Don, then they could spend one last crazy night running the shore and the lakes and the mysterious, otherworldly swamplands of the Pine Barrens before Butch has to report in.


Like a Bruce Springsteen album, Looking for Don is a wild ride through 1970's south Jersey, the best place and time to be a teenager in America. Follow Butch as he rolls through one fabled south Jersey location after another, from Seaside Heights to the Moon Crater finding bike gangs, Pineys, the Jersey Devil… and even an old ghost from Butch's childhood in his quest to find the annoyingly elusive Don.