Kingdom of Jior

The Complete Box Set

Author: Wendy L. Anderson

Series: Kingdom of Jior - The Complete Box Set

Genre: Gothic Fantasy

Word Count: 200,000


Mobi: 978-1-64456-250-5

ePub: 978-1-64456-251-2


 Experience adventure, fantasy, and magic

of the Kingdom of Jior


Experience adventure, fantasy, and magic in this collection of novels combing all the five books of the Kingdom of Jior epic fantasy series. In the beginning Lorn of Jior, known as the King of Demons, begins his quest to find out if he is doomed to be evil or be saved to good? Find out in Book One, Of Demon Kind where Lorn meets Lililaira who becomes his queen and reigns by his side. Book Two, Redemption of the Fallen continues the saga where the Kingdom of Jior is rebuilt and begins to thrive. The adventure continues in Book Three, Heirs of Jior and Book Four, Iron and the Arrow. The Last Ny-Failen is the final book in the series and ends with an epic battle and redefines what it means to live in the Kingdom of Jior. Follow the adventure, escape into the fantasy, and live the magic of this epic fantasy series.

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