Joe Giambrone

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Joe Giambrone is the author of a variety of novels, stories, and films, from the Hollywood satire Hell of a Deal, to the end-of-the-world teen survival thriller Transfixion. He then dove into the gritty world of stand-up comedy and the Wrecking Balls hell bent on succeeding in it. Demigods is his latest book, based on the screenplay of the same name; the story departs from expected tropes as a kind of parallel earth in touch with Dark Matter. He also has filmed award-winning documentaries in Northern California for community access television, as well as narrative short films. He's currently working toward producing and directing a feature comedy movie.

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Books by Joe Giambrone



Genre: New Adult - Urban Fantasy


When Supernaturals are implicated in terrorism the world is conditioned to look the other way, except for one dying little boy with nothing to lose.


The Scousers

Genre: Family Memoir

Co-written with Dorren Doyle


One family's struggle to survive during WWII.

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