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Jake Cavanah

Jake Cavanah began telling stories before he knew how to write. He’d iterate them to his father, who did it for him until he learned himself.


Being an editor for his high school’s newspaper and majoring in journalism kept Jake writing, but it wasn’t until after college he realized his passion: creating stories from his own imagination. Part of Jake’s inspiration comes from reading several books a year across what feels like just as many genres. While he enjoys reading and does so almost every day, he also utilizes it as a time to learn what he could do better. Different styles influence his work, but when it comes time for him to write, he focuses on telling the story he wants to.

Dystopian fiction lured Jake in because it grants him creative freedom. His characters and fabricated worlds allow him to take the story in the direction he wants it to go. Jake’s goal is to broaden readers’ perspectives on society according to them, the less fortunate, and themselves. If he accomplishes this, he will consider his work a success.

Jake lives in Portland, Oregon with his girlfriend Scout and two dogs Murphy and Sophie.

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