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Getting Started with IUPH

Download this Guide to help find all the resources & activities that IUPH has put together for our authors to connect to readers & gain more attention for your books & build your brand. 

This will take you directly to the signup sheet for different programs that are offered in the Resource & Activity Guide

Each quarter our authors are required to read & review a fellow IUPH author. After you have posted your review(s) report them here


Download this guide on how to set up your books for direct sales through the IUPH website. 


Book Selling Partners

Rockwood Litho has partnered with IUPH to offer direct sales through our website. They manage the shopping carts, sales & shipping for your books.

B4R has created a YouTube tutorial for our authors on how to set up their books. To take advantage of fee wavier, you must sign up with them within 60 days after publishing.

Book Selfie offers a pay-by-the-month reading app. Our authors are paid $2 per ebook download. You can also sell your physical books through them as well.

rAThe is a app that allows readers to find new books and read them in 10 to 15 minute chunks. Learn more about them & how to sell your books through their site.


Documents - for IUPH


You will need to fill out one of these every time you submit a new book to IUPH

Comprehensive Guide for using Lumen5's Website Software


If you decided you want to add a new pen name, you will need to submit a new sheet


This zip file contains a copy of the video from the 2/26/2022 Zoom Meeting.


Helpful guide to uploading your book to all major distributors - has not been updated with 2022 changes


This zip file contains a copy of the video from the 3/5/2022 Zoom Meeting.



IUPH has made changes to how we operate in 2022.



Documents - Publishing Prep


This PDF will give you a general idea on how to set up your book following IUPH guidelines.

This zip file contains all of our logos for interior & exterior book layouts.


Not sure what size will work best for your book? This guide can help you choose.

If you put your physical book into Expanded Distribution on Amazon and now want to use other distributors, you'll need to fill out this addendum.


Not sure how to fill out the addendum? This guide will show you how.


Documents - Social Media


This PDF covers a list of events, holidays, and other literary focused days along the 2022 calendar.


Release a new book and want to promote it? This PDF covers all of the basics for self-promotion.


This PDF shows where all of our authors and vendors are on various social media sites.


This guide for IFTTT describes how to make automatically cross-sharing social media posts easier.


Documents - Advertising

Every day on the IUPH Facebook site we post genre specific memes. Find your dates and add your books.

A zip file containing master lists of commonly contacted libraries and bookstores.


A list of Facebook groups where you can promote your books.

Get your books into libraries in your state and across the US & Canada.


A list of free or cheap sites you can send your book to for promotion.

A List of tips and tricks to getting reviews for your books.


Ad Graphics Files

This zip file contains the Meet Our Authors image & videos.

This zip file contains a selection of advertising images for the IUPH Website

This zip file contains a selection of advertising images for the IUPH Newsletter

This zip file contains a selection of advertising images for the IUPH Catalog

This zip file contains a selection of advertising images for the IUPH Facebook Page

To purchase a giveaway basket, please contact Bill at Rockwood Litho 

Each basket is $20 + S&H

IUPH Author Map


IUPH Calendar