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Impoverished Wealth


Author: Jake Cavanah

Genre: Fiction Anthology

Page Count: 160

Word Count: 25,227

Library of Congress Control Number: 2022937849


Paperback: 978-1-64456-477-6

Mobi: 978-1-64456-478-3

ePub: 978-1-64456-479-0

The true cost of living the life of luxury.


Damon Maker is a twenty-something who is the only son in one of the world’s wealthiest families. He doesn’t have the burden of driving himself around. He resides in a mansion most would mistake for a modern-day castle. And he is set to inherit his father’s multibillion-dollar corporation. But there’s someone standing in his way.


Serena Cortez never had to grow up. She starts each day by riding her horse around her family's multimillion-dollar estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean—oblivious as to what made her family so wealthy.


Danny Cunningham is the son of the entertainment industry’s biggest mogul. He lives a life of luxury that includes a private chauffeur taking him to school and vacations around the world. Yet, Danny lives in fear.


Ryan Graf is the wife of a big-time sportswear executive. She goes to parties with star athletes and has nothing to worry about except getting to her tennis matches on time. Until she loses someone close to her.


From the outside looking in, all four of these characters lead lives many would aspire to have, but when you learn more about what them, they suddenly don’t seem so desirable. Impoverished Wealth: The Anthology unveils the complexities that come with extraordinary wealth, causing one to reconsider if getting to the top is really worth it.

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