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The Emmett Casey Chronicles
For I Have Sinned


Author: Michael Deeze

Series: Emmett Casey Chronicles Book Two

Genre: Historical Fiction

Page Count: 342

Word Count: 103,754

Library of Congress Control Number: 2020941015

Paperback: 978-1-64456-160-7
Mobi: 978-1-64456-161-4

ePub: 978-1-64456-162-1

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Sometimes the deepest scars

are the ones we inflict upon ourselves.


Mick (Little Mick) Casey, a tail gunner in WWII, comes home from the war a hero in everyone’s eyes but his own. Scarred by the horrors he has witnessed, Little Mick does what many returning veterans do in order to cope—he learns not to feel. Stepping back onto the civilian streets, he assumes the perception of normalcy. He marries, has a family, and tries to make a life in inner-city Chicago.


For I Have Sinned continues the saga of the Casey clan, intensely loyal and devoted, but only to each other. Set against a backdrop of war, violence and crime it weaves the history of an ill-fated child’s transition from a lonely, inner-city rebel and decorated war veteran to a man who looks all too familiar to him, a man like his father—all earned the hard way.

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