Daemon Rising

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Author: Hunter Wayland

Genre: Dark Fantasy

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In a land flooded with darkness,

it takes a greater darkness to find the light.

Alaric Havencrest is the former guild master of the Raven Thief guild. Left hanging from spiked vines in a gnarled tree as food for carrion birds, Alaric plots his revenge against the usurper.


The Golden City is burning; its inhabitants climb over the bodies to escape an inevitable doom; its saviors, the Daemon Hunters are crushed; forced to take their survivors and flee into the Wilderness. From the ashes of this once proud utopia, the Mad King Ludwig harnesses a dangerous magic sealed within to free a powerful Arch-Daemon.


With the seal on the demonic well weakening, the Rot spreads, sending its poison deep into the Earth’s bowels, creating the living dead, defiling the land, and awakening monsters dormant in the darkness.


When fate intervenes in the form of a handsome priest, Alaric is forced to abandon his quest for revenge, rediscover his mysterious past and seal the ancient well before all the land is thrust into a never-ending night.