Christopher Stanfield

Christopher Stanfield is a West Texas native whose love of writing began at the age of fourteen when inspired by a love of mythology, science fiction, and fantasy, he began writing stories by hand whenever the time could be spared. After high school and a brief flirtation with college, he would spend the next eighteen years cultivating a career in Information Security at a small community bank located in his own hometown. But even then, his love of writing endured, and while dreams of characters and stories continued to occupy his imagination, he found an outlet for that creative muse by creating advertising copy for his employer. Through challenges and distractions, hard choices, and the rudimentary demands of life, the dream of telling stories never waned. With that in mind, he enrolled in the BA Creative Writing program at Southern New Hampshire University, with an eye towards honing his craft and expanding upon his knowledge of the industry so that he might achieve his dream of becoming a published writer.

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The Girl in the Storm

Season of Angels Book One

Genre: YA Supernatural Thriller


Angels are real. Demons walk the Earth. And she alone can fight the Devil.


The Woman in Darkness

Season of Angels Book Two

Genre: YA Supernatural Thriller


The War for Souls has just begun, but time is already running out…



Season of Angels Book Three


Genre: YA Supernatural Thriller


Lilith’s daring gamble worked. Hell is broken. But in the aftermath, Lilith must confront an uncertain fate for the future of humanity.