Cassie Greutman

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Growing up, it was impossible to catch Cassie Greutman without a book in her hand, even at the most inappropriate times. Since then with the rise of ebooks, it’s only gotten worse. With her full-time job of caring for over thirty horses, some of that has changed to audiobooks, but you can bet there is always some type of story rattling around in her brain. She has always loved stories in any format, whether that is a movie, video game, or book form, and hopes to tell stories that catch a person’s imagination and interest like so many have done for her.

A finalist in the Cinematic Book Competition with Screencraft out of over 1200 entries, and five star ratings with Reader’s Favorite, who do reviews for most of the large publishing houses, Cassie has been throwing all of the extra time she has into improving her craft and bringing her writing to best it can possibly be. When she isn’t stuck in a book, of course.

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Penchant for Trouble

Genre: YA Fantasy

Prequel: Penchant for Trouble



Being a foster kid is never easy. Being a foster kid with paranormal problems? Even worse. The start to the riveting YA urban fantasy series, Penchant for Trouble!



Genre: YA Fantasy

Book Three: Penchant for Trouble


After her foster parents lose all memory of her because of Fae magic, Trish Penchant sets out on a desperate mission to get it back. And if she can’t get to the only person who can help in time, she’ll lose her parents forever.



Genre: YA Fantasy

Book One: Penchant for Trouble


Blackmailed into helping the ex-boyfriend who killed her, Trisha must now catch a criminal fae or face banishment from the human world forever.


New Release

Orcus Fled

Genre: Fantasy

Book One: The Arnath Chronicles


To free herself from the magic dampening bracelet forcing her into slavery, a young elemental travels to Earth.



Genre: YA Fantasy

Book Two: Penchant for Trouble


After everything Trish has done to get to Sanctuary, nothing on earth could get her to leave. But when Trish’s ex shows up with news that Starren’s life is in danger, her conscience refuses to let her sit idly by, even though that means abandoning her family, security, and everything she’s worked so hard to earn.