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Book Selfie


What is Book Selfie?


Book Selfie is a free app where book lovers can purchase books and read their eBooks. At the same time, self-publishing authors get another distribution channel to sell their books and expand their reach to many more readers.


How it works


  • We promote the site nationally, and this will also include our authors and their books

  • Authors can expand their reach to more readers from another platform to sell more books

  • Our app is already an eReader for their eBooks where people will be buying from

  • We will be turning on the audio-book functionality on our app very soon, where authors can also sell their audio-books

  • There are no ads on our site to promote other authors or books

  • We do not push other authors when people are searching for their names

  • We do not push other books when people are searching for their books

  • Their names and books will also be listed on our app

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