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For local independent bookstores, many of our authors are offering direct purchasing discounts for their books and consignment sales. Other incentives may include signed copies and/or bookmarks or signed book cards. In addition, these authors will be offering a free one hour virtual book reading and Q&A for your patrons with a minimum 5 book purchase.


To find out more information about our Book It! program, and how to obtain these books, please contact Lisa Orban at Please use Book It!  in the subject line and include the author and title in your email inquiry.

Towles, Lisa

Thrillers & Mysteries

Baldwin, Timothy

YA Mysteries - Narrative Fiction - Poetry & Prose Anthology

Poetry & Middle School Fantasy

Carroll, Glenda

Crime Thriller

Manwaring, Ana

International Suspense/Thriller Series

McIlvain, Myra

Historical Fiction & Narrative Fiction

Desai, Ketan

Political Thriller

Greutman, Cassie

YA Urban Fiction Series & NA Urban Fantasy

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