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Penchant for Trouble Series

Author: Cassie Greutman
Series: Penchant for Trouble | Book Three

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Page Count:

Word Count: 75,000

Library of Congress Control Number: 2020947200


Paperback 978-1-64456-207-9

Mobi 978-1-64456-208-6

ePub 978-1-64456-209-3


Her family taken from her, not once, but twice!


After the disastrous results of her trip into Faerie, Trish is learning to cope without her foster parents, the only people who have ever loved her just for her. Now they don’t even know who she is. Living in the human world isn’t easy without them, and she has a sister to deal with that knows even less about it.


Feeling guilty for her part in everything, her sister, Starren, offers a possible fix. But it involves going back to Faerie, where this whole mess began. Where their tyrant of a father is waiting for them. Leaving everything behind in a desperate attempt to put her family back together, Trish fights the clock before her parent’s memory loss becomes permanent.


Faerie is a different place this time around. Dark and sinister, with even the trees ready to kill them. Something is riling up the forests and causing them to attack travelers and soldiers alike. Something, or someone.

Bounty hunters, wayward aunts, and monsters from her past all slow her down.


And if she can’t get to the only person who can help in time, she’ll lose her parents forever.

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